What is 7co.ca? We are a new short url on the internet that offers a affordable website/blog hosting service to next to nothing here’s how:

Each *.7co.ca sub domain url belongs to a different Customer/person.
Each Customer/person with their own name.7co.ca sub domain is responsible for his or hers own web site / blog. but has to compile with our terms of service page that can be found at the bottom right corner of this site on the footer of this website.

Thus said, just how you get your own website/blog hosted here?

Unlike many of the other hosting site’s out there, to get your own site/blog hosted here you must liqueur for one via the contact us tab, to is currently the only way on 7co.ca for now and it also stop spam bots form creating too many sites/blogs at once thus blocking spam sign ups more effectively.

the current cost to host a sub domain with us is $0/mo free. (includes sub domain emails creation [email protected] but your master sub domain email account will all ways be [email protected] your allowed up to 5 mail boxes. 1+4 you desired.) how is this even possible its possible as 7co.ca has shared its *.7co.ca sub domain creation with other customers/persons it can trust that they will create a good blog or website as long as they ad here to 7co.ca’s terms of service policy at all times.

you must be approved for a sub domain creation via contact us, once approved it will be 3 to 5 business days before u can get a reply and the status of the creation of your chosen blog or website also if the name was available or all ready taken to pick a new name as another or a staff has used that name all-ready reply to this will happen in the same day usually to prev t delay.

A blog or website deplaning on the software use either 7co default WordPress based or other can take up to a full day to setup and another day of testing/preparations made to make sure its fully https compliance compatible and limit the use of mixed content errors.

after which you agree that 7co.ca can take your sub domain name site down at any time to update the software it runs on to block or patch parts of the software it runs on to keep it secure from hackers. please lets us know if this breaks any thing though so it can also get fixed for free.


Thanks for your understanding hope to host you a url of your own soon under our *.7co.ca prefix.
Admin of 7co.ca and its owner.